The Institute for Clean and Secure Energy’s (ICSE) 100 kW down-fired oxy-fuel furnace has optional heated walls and optical access through quartz windows. The facility was designed to allow testing related to flame stability and ash characterization during oxy-coal combustion.


  • Heated walls with 24 x 840 watt ceramic heaters in main burner zone
  • Dimensions: 1m x 12m (3 ft x 39 ft) Quartz windows for visual observation and optical diagnostics in main burner zone
  • Main burner zone – 0.6m x 1.2m (24 in x 48 in)
  • Overall height of vertical section – 3.8m (150 in)
  • Transition section with cooling coils – 3.7m (144 in)
  • Swirl-stabilized burner


  • Systematic control of burner variables
  • Air or oxy-firing
  • Continuous emissions monitoring equipment for real-time measurement of O2, CO2, CO, NOx, SO2 and THC emissions, with other species-based measurements available upon request
  • Detailed particulate measurements, including ultrafine particles
  • Optical diagnostic ready
  • Gas, liquid, and pulverized solid fuels


  • Studying the effect of PO2 in recycled flue gas on flame stabilization of well-fined axial diffusion flames
  • Determining the desired characteristics of a low emission, highly-stable, oxy-coal burner
  • Investigating specially directed O2 and cooled walls with minimum flue gas recycle
  • Determining effects of flue gas recycle parameters on size segregated ash composition during oxy-coal combustion