The CLOU (Chemical Looping Oxygen Uncoupling) system is a 220 kW pilot demonstration furnace for oxy-combustion of solid fuels using chemical looping. A specially engineered carrier is circulated between two fluidized bed reactors, transporting oxygen by oxidizing in one reactor and reducing in the other. The liberated oxygen from the reduced carrier combusts with solid fuel particles.

The benefit of oxy-combustion, in general, is that it makes CO2 capture and sequestration a lot more economical by eliminating the need to separate out N2 from the exhaust. The CLOU systems added advantage is its unique and low-cost ability to produce gas-phase oxygen.

Testing goals

  • Characterize operating conditions for optimum oxygen transport efficiency
  • Analyze exhaust gas composition
  • Determine furnace heat flux and thermal efficiency
  • Test and improve loop seal designs and other critical sub-components of the system